Genuine Men & Acoustic Soul

Genuine Men … Genuine Men
Is a formation that came together from a dream in any musician’s heart. Harmony is the main ingredient, which is evident in their live performance. It is nice to see different backgrounds come together as one on stage.
Kevin Iszard, Will G. and Myk Sno´ are a combination that was destined to happen.
Three soulful voices of very different styles, coming together to blend and form an unforgettable sound pleasing to the ear.

Acoustic Soul ... Acoustic Soul
combines a top guitarist with a top vocalist which equals one great Acoustic Duo. They have created their own genre taking Pop, Soul, Rock, Country and Folk, then putting them into their own style sometimes accented with Jazz. There is so much more brought together here, from two continents to two cultures. Myk Sno’ takes cover songs and songs he has written and interprets them in his heart which comes out of his voice and fingers. Together with Ray Mahumane who in a rock dominated world wanted to be different but be himself.
This Duo takes you from the past to the present in styles and rhythms that will mesmerize you into a new dimension.