about MYK SNO´



Myk Sno

In addition to being a singer, Myk Sno´ is a songwriter and producer.

Growing up in Indiana, in a family where music came naturally, he became acquainted with various instruments through a neighbourhood musician and a local band.

In 1998 he joined the R&B-Group "All That".
His professional stage presence and singing talent has been one of the band’s assets.

In 2004 he founded "Genuine Men" together with Kevin Iszard and Will G., together they demonstrate what real harmony of voices can be.

Exposure to the international scene, afforded by opening for US performers and groups:
Usher, Joe, KC & JoJo, R. Kelly, Temptations, Franky Berverly and Mase, 69 Boys, Genuwine and Joe, as well as European acts like Xavier Naidoo, Ayman and The Weather Girls.